Ascensum is the first game based on the brand new Sensing Board technology, created by Infora Società Cooperativa.

What is it?

Sensing Board is an innovative thin, flexible surface that allows the building of a new kind of tabletop game boards: a tabletop that can detect, identify and interact with the objects placed on its surface.

How Does it Work?

Based on NFC technology, Sensing Board reads the position, disposition  and movement of all the objects with a tag (the cards, for Ascensum) placed on it and sends the information to a smartphone via Bluetooth in real time, where an application can manage  different game aspects, bringing a new game experience in a traditional way.

What do you mean?

Being as easy to transport as a normal game board, and relying on the recognition of physical objects (cards, in our case) Sensing Board allows the players to mantain  a very traditional game experience: in Ascensum you still have a board, printed collectible cards that you can keep in your hands and you have to hide them from your adversary as usual. However, since part of the game happens in a mobile app, your game develops in a very different way.

What’s the difference?

Using some software to assist your gaming allows the game designer to use rules and score calculations that would be too complex (or boring) to be used in a traditional tabletop game, allowing to bring a new degree of complexity to it, usually limited to videogames only. Also, easing you from the scores calculation means that you can concentrate on your gameplay, and that you can play faster and without interruptions. But it doesn’t end here: having an app running means you can get game tutorials, sound and visual effects, game statistics, online services and ranking, and more.